Pioneering alternative solutions for PTSD and Autism.

These alternative solutions use the tools and techniques of  TCR  Horsemanship taught exclusively at Bwc2

Veterans HELPING Horses

We want YOU, the American Veteran, to help us Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reprogram horses. Bwc2 rescues horses that were neglected, unwanted and/or slaughter bound. Bwc2’s rescued horses show many similar symptoms of
PTSD & situational awareness.

After our horses have completed the rehabilitation process, they are utilized in our Special Needs & Disabled Children’s Program

Veterans HELPING Children

We invite YOU, our beloved American Veterans, to volunteer for our
Special Needs & Disabled Children’s Equine Program.

Veterans HELPING Veterans

Veterans that have become qualified in TCR Horsemanship will have the opportunity to help other Veterans by teaching them the same tools and techniques they have learned. As Bwc2 expands, who better to help us do that than our American Veterans who have been qualified through our program.

Americans HELPING Americans

Bwc2 is 100% volunteer staffed and always open for more volunteers ages 16 and up. Our programs are improving quality of life for
Veterans, Special Needs & Disabled Children and our horses.
This is accomplished with the tools learned through TCR Horsemanship.

The #Bwc2Crew shares their love and passion for horses FREE of charge. We ask our friends, family and community to help support our programs financially.

Clicking the link below, you can give a one-time donation or become a
monthly pledge partner. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

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Every dollar makes a difference