We Are Proof That Horses and People Can Help One Another

The mission of Because We Can – Because We Care (BWC2)  –  Help the lives of both the horses and people we work with by building Trust, Confidence and Respect between them utilizing the tools and techniques of

TCR Horsemanship

Americans HELPING Americans

We want YOU, the American Veteran, to help us rehabilitate and reprogram the horses we rescue.

BWC2 programs are designed to provide a better quality of life for the Veterans, Special Needs Children and our horses. This is accomplished with the tools utilized through TCR Horsemanship.

Veterans HELPING Children

We want YOU, our beloved American Veterans, to help us by volunteering for our Special Needs Children’s Equine Program.

By DONATING now, you are helping to create awareness for PTSD, TBI, Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

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Veterans HELPING Veterans

Every dollar makes a difference