Quite A Day at the Ranch

A Nice Refreshing Nap

What a ride

While this may look like something common enough in the world of equine therapy, please hear me when I say it is anything but common. This represents the culmination of over 13 years of working with the horse and over 4 years working with the boy.

Finally, finally, he was able to relax enough in both mind and muscles to fall asleep.  This from a child whose sleep is often riddled with seizures. It brought tears and smiles and high fives all around.

Some Time for Horse Love

Doesn’t this just warm your heart? It is all the more special when you realize that this is Puma’s first time working with a child with special needs, and the first time this child has been able to get ‘on’ a horse. What could be better than that?

The two of them just bonded instantly. Puma followed him around in the arena as he worked with Marque. When they actually came together, it was amazing to watch. Puma was perfectly content to let him sit or lie on her as she rested on the ground. What an exceptional experience!

Please Don’t Go!

Usually, the kids leave with their families after a ride and that’s that. Not today! This time Marque had a special good-bye for one of our regular participants, so he just stuck his head right into the door for some last minute lovin’. 

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