Join the BWC2 Crew!

“There is no greater reward or joy we can give than a gift that is priceless”– Dave Drulias.

Because We Can – Because We Care (Bwc2) believes that its responsibility is to make a difference in the community and surrounding communities in which it operates. As part of that philosophy, Bwc2 is passionate about Americans Helping Americans. We contribute to organizations that focus on causes that are meaningful to our business, our customers, and our community. Bwc2 makes a difference in the communities where we work, live and play. At Bwc2, helping others is a vital part of our vision. We showcase this everyday through sharing our love and passion of Saving Horses – Helping People.

It’s through the commitment of volunteers such as yourself, that we can provide unparalleled experiences year after year. Bwc2 encourages its community to become involved in our organization by volunteering in one or more of the opportunities listed below.

We Want You!

The American Veteran, to join the Bwc2 crew.  Learn TCR Horsemanship through our
Horses -N- Heroes program. Who would have thought that situational awareness and combat experience is an asset when working with and rehabilitating horses?

Veteran volunteers have an interactive role with our horses’ rehabilitation / reprogramming process. Upon completion of their rehabilitation, our horses’ become SUPER STARS in our Special Needs & Disabled Children’s program.

Veterans have a passion for helping those who can’t help themselves, especially Special Needs & Disabled Children. We invite Veterans to volunteer in our Equine Special Needs & Disabled Children’s program.

To sum it up:

  • Veterans helping Veterans
  • Veterans helping horses
  • Veterans helping Special Needs & Disabled Children

As Bwc2 grows into more cities across America, we will be hiring Veterans who have learned TCR Horsemanship.

Our philosophy is to share our love and passion of horses through our Horses -N- Heroes and Special Needs & Disabled Children Programs, for FREE.

*Please submit copy of dd-214

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Community services opportunities for high school and college students.

Students that are looking for community service credits such as:

  • Animal Care
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Internship
  • Event Organization
  • Creative Writing

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Event Volunteer

Throughout the year, Bwc2 has a variety of events. Some big, some small. We are always looking for volunteers to help:

  • Event Planning
  • Greet Guests
  • video
  • Photograph
  • Setup
  • Tear down
  • Solicit Sponsors
  • Marketing

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Children’s Program Volunteer

*Background check is mandatory (At volunteer’s expense)

Side walkers will be required to complete 2 sessions of TCR Horsemanship. Each session is approx. 90 minutes. Cost is $50 ea. at time of session or pre-pay $80 below for both sessions.

  • Greeting Clients
  • Sign-in Table
  • Art & Crafts 
  • Side Walkers
  • Set-up & Tear down
  • Photographs
  • Video

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Ranch Hand Volunteer

General duties will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Cleaning Water buckets
  • Cleaning Water buckets
  • Cleaning Tack
  • Cleaning stalls
  • Feeding horses

For every 8 hours of volunteer work = Earn 1 personal TCR Horsemanship session

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TCR Volunteer Program

Limited Time & Space

A unique opportunity to learn BWC2’s TCR Horsemanship. You will learn the same tools and techniques the Bwc2Crew uses to accomplish their Mission of Pioneering Alternative Solutions for PTSD and Autism in the Santa Clarita Valley. Experience first hand the ability Bwc2 has to transform the lives of our American Soldiers and Special Needs & Disabled Children.

  • Learn to be around a horse the TCR way. Safety first & Foremost
  • Learn what positive energy with intent is and why it is important.
  • Automatically qualify to help in our Children’s Program. (Background check is needed)
  • Learn how to build a healthy relationship with any horse.
  • Learn how to reprogram the behavior of a horse.
  • Learn the connection between the horse and a Veteran with PTSD
  • Learn how the Tools & Techniques of TCR improve PTSD among our Veterans
  • Learn the unique connection between the horse & Autism
  • Learn the connection between the horse & other Special Needs & Disabled Children

    Advanced Classes to Include:

  • Why the FWTP attitude works. *Not for the faint of heart
  • Penguin Shuffle
  • The 3% rule
  • Equine Psychology (The nature of the beast)
  • How stimulating the horses brain is better than just working the body
  • The Pendulum Theory
  • Our role as Alpha (I know what’s best for me, I know what’s best for you)
  • How to correct a horse without using pain or fear as a motivator
  • The 6 training philosophies, turning every scenario into an educational format

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