Horse Program

Rescuing the Horses

BWC2 rescues mistreated, neglected, unwanted, abused and/or slaughter-bound horses. A horse with this background shows signs similar to those of PTSD. Situational awareness takes on a whole new meaning when you’re working with a 1200 pound animal!

While ‘the industry’ shies away from these types of animals, the BWC2 Crew welcomes them with open arms. We share our love and passion for horses free of charge, and our horses have a home with us for life.

“Think of horse behavior as a pendulum.

Pendulum Arc

At BWC2, we do not look for just any horse. We want horses who will be able to serve in our Veteran’s and Children’s Programs once they are rehabilitated. Imagine this… Think of a horse’s behavior as a pendulum. However ‘crazy, bad or mean’ a horse is when we get him, he will swing just as far to the other ‘good’ side with our help.