Horse Program

Bwc2’s Horse Program rescues horses that have been mistreated, neglected, unwanted, abused and / or slaughter-bound. We put our heart and soul into our horses and therefore all of our horses have a home for life with us! The Bwc2Crew shares their love and passion for horses FREE of charge.

Bwc2 is not looking for just any horse to rescue. We look for horses that we can use in both the Horses -N- Heroes and Children’s Programs. We look for younger horses that others find too difficult to work with. The “Crazy” horse if you will. These are typically the horses that have been beaten or abused and are normally unwanted and slaughter bound.

A horse with this background shows signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Situational Awareness takes on a completely new meaning with these types of horses’.

Picture this Situational Awareness as a pendulum. How far “Crazy, bad, mean & dangerous” a horse may be, is how far good they will swing the other direction.

While “the industry” shy’s away from these types of horses, the Bwc2Crew welcomes these horses with open arms.

The Horse Program specializes in Rehabilitating & Reprogramming horses with the tools and techniques of TCR (Trust, Confidence & Respect) Horsemanship. TCR was developed by Bwc2 Founder Dave Drulias and is exclusively taught at Bwc2. The philosophy behind TCR is to build a healthy relationship and EARN the Trust, Confidence and Respect of the horse. TCR teaches the use of POSITIVE ENERGY with INTENT and how to communicate with horses on a level that is rare for the horse industry.

After our horses have completed the rehabilitation process, they are utilized in our Special Needs & Disabled Children’s Program

Do you have a passion for horses?

The care that Bwc2Crew gives their horses doesn’t come cheap. Board alone per horse is about $5000 per year. Your financial support will help pay for basic needs such as, monthly board, orchard hay, supplements, veterinarian and farrier services.

When the Bwc2Crew uses TCR, miracles happen. Actually, we expect them to! Whether it’s from our Horse Program,
Horses -N- Heroes Program or Children’s Program, your financial support is needed. Please help us continue to make those miracles happen!

If you would like to be a volunteer in our Horse Program or on another level, Please Contact Us today.

Scroll down to meet our current Super Stars


Marque was born in 2000.  In 2006 Marque was given to Dave. In 2009 Marque was donated to Because We Can-Because We Care. Marque has been in the program since that time and goes out of his way to help the kids learn how to ride.  The kids love Marque and Marque loves the kids. (He sees the kids as an automated, wireless, blue-tooth, mobile cookie dispenser. Marque really loves his cookies!)


Dakota was born in 2003. Dave first met Dakota in 2005 when Dave’s client bought the 2 1/2 year old horse. Dave started training him from the ground up. Everything was going great until Dave’s client became deathly ill and gave Dakota to Dave in 2008.

Dakota was donated to Because We Can – Because We Care in 2009.  He has been in the program with Marque since that time. Dakota also loves children and will go out of his way to help.  He truly seems to care for them. (And he loves cookies too!)


Puma was born in 1999.  She is an Icelandic Horse who joined BWC2 in 2012.  Though small in stature, she works with our Veterans.

Puma is a great horse for teaching proper equitation to riders who are more than beginners but not yet advanced in their skill set.  She is a very sweet and loving mare. (Puma has not yet met a treat that she did not like.)


Buddy Wyzer was born in 1997. He is a Clydesdale/Quarter Horse cross and most likely was a by-product of the Premarin industry. “Buddy” came to our program in April 2015. Although very sweet and caring, he was out of shape with a hay belly and low muscle tone. Having been put on a restricted diet, he is be used in our Veteran’s program doing ground work with a long term goal of being used in our Kid’s Program.