Horses -N- Heroes Program

Veterans learn TCR Horsemanship in our Horses -N- Heroes Program

The philosophy behind TCR is to build a healthy relationship and EARN the Trust, Confidence and Respect of the horse. TCR teaches the use of POSITIVE ENERGY with INTENT. Communicating with horses on this higher level is rare for the horse industry. Building healthy relationships with TCR, Bwc2 has proven success in all 3 of our programs (Horse Program, Horses -N- Heroes Program & Equine Special Needs & Disabled Children’s Program). Our horses will always have a home for life.

Why are Veterans an important part of TCR?

Our Veterans and horses share similar symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Their triggers could be the slightest touch, sight or sound. They have a greater understanding about the mindset of the horses Bwc2 rescues. Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT) is the second advantage. ASAT is an asset when working with horses because Veterans are able to see the subtleties and nuances quicker than a non-military person.

We ask the American Veterans, to help the Bwc2Crew to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reprogram horses. Through the rehabilitation process, the Veterans learn the tools and techniques used in TCR are the same tools and techniques they can use in their own life.

After completing the rehabilitation process our horses are used in our Special Needs & Disabled Children’s Program. We invite our beloved American Veterans to volunteer in this unique program.

Veterans that have become qualified in TCR Horsemanship will have the opportunity to help other Veterans by teaching them the same tools and techniques they have learned. As Bwc2 expands, who better to help us do that than our American Veterans who have been qualified through our program.

Bwc2 offers our services FREE of charge to American Veterans, their families and Special Needs & Disabled children.

The Bwc2Crew believes this is how we can show our appreciation for those who have fought to protect our great nation. The Bwc2Crew never gives up on our horses and we will never give up on our Beloved American Veterans.

Imagine, #AmericansHelpingAmericans! What a great country this would be…