Because YOU Can  Because YOU Care

Bwc2 is at a critical point…

We are dedicated to providing our services FREE of charge. If we were to charge full price for these services, we would be receiving $474k every year. Through generous donations and sponsorships, the budget we work with is only $55k per year. A difference of just over 900%. This does not include our back office administration. The programs are allocated as follows:


  • The cost of having just one American Veteran with PTSD go through our Horses -N- Heroes Program one day a week for a year is $20k. We are currently serving 8 veterans per year.
  • The cost of having just one Special Needs or Disabled Child go through our Children’s Program one day a week for a year is $26k. We are serving 10 Special Needs / Disabled Children per year.
  • The cost of having one horse in our TCR Horsemanship Program per year is $9k. We have rescued 6 horses.


What Bwc2 has accomplished in 8 years with a 100% volunteer staff is nothing less than incredible. We can expand THE VISION with your generous financial support!


Together we can strengthen our community.

Imagine, Americans Helping Americans

TCR Horsemanship | Horses -N- Heroes | Children’s Programs

One Time Donation – $10,000

Monthly Donation – $835

One Time Donation – $5,000

   Monthly Donation – $420

One Time Donation – $2,000.00

Monthly Donation – $166.00

Choose Your Own

To send a check or money order to our office:

Because We Can – Because We Care
4017 Karen Lynn Drive
Glendale, CA 91206
Federal Tax ID# 38-3820550