Years Keep Rollin’ By

10 Years and Counting

Time flies

A lot can happen in ten years. A child born ten years ago would be in 4th grade now, and we all know how much that child has grown and changed. Ten years ago, we were elbow deep in the Great Recession. In 2009

  • Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States.
  • Slumdog Millionaire won for Best Film.
  • Sulley landed a US Airways flight for the ‘miracle on the Hudson’, and
  • BWC2 was launched!!

In the years since

  • The Apple iPad made its debut.
  • Osama Bin Laden died.
  • Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Golden Jubilee.
  • The European Union was formed.

During that same period, BWC2

  • started working with a 10-year-old boy on the autism spectrum in 2009.
  • heard 9 non-verbal children speak for the first time.
  • spent thousands of hours working with American veterans and first responders who have anxiety, PTSD, TBI or have undergone an amputation.
  • saw veterans begin sleeping through the night.
  • expanded the kids’ program to include children with Down syndrome, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy.

Join us on August 24 and September 21 as we celebrate our first 10 years.

2017, A Year in A Hay Bale


2017, A Year in A Hay Bale!

(You will want to hang on for this ride!)

Before the ride begins, lets take a moment to Thank all of our Military who are sacrificing being away from home and their families to keep our freedoms. Our thoughts are with them and their families this Holiday season.

The Bwc2Crew would like to thank every one who has supported, donated and/or volunteered this year. Your support has helped us to Pioneer Alternative Solutions for PTSD and Autism. We are 100% volunteer driven. Which means, every dollar donated is spent on our programs. We are $2500 from reaching our goal for this year due to a few unfortunate happenings. You have a few days left this year to get in a tax-deductible donation. Click the link below to secure yours now!

This year has flown by rather fast! It seems like it was just July and now here we are on the cusp of 2018. The weather is finally starting to turn cooler making winter more of a reality now than it was a couple of weeks ago. Like the weather, the Bwc2Crew has also gone through some dramatic changes this year. We have faced and braved adversity and are looking forward to continuing with our journey.

Now For the Ride!

It begins with a record rainfall in January and February. In January our ranch received rain 14 of the 31 days of the month. This may be fine and we all know we need the rain but nobody said anything about the mud!!! In February, our ranch received rain 18 of the 28 days of the month! Again, more mud! For the safety  of our clients and volunteers there was very little horse activity. Dave and two Board members were hand walking the horses during this time. Conditions were so bad we could not even drive our cars up to our barn. Not running our programs during this, we lost a lot of our donations.

As the rainy season finally came to an end, we were beginning to get our Children’s program back into full swing. Then June came in like a wrecking ball and we decided to shut the Children’s program down for the duration of the year. On a side note, we will be starting our Children’s program again in early 2018.

June had to throw in its own activity with threats to our horses’ lives as well as Dave. After a detailed investigation, the authorities that be had ruled the threats as a hoax.

July, August and September rolled through with more days over 100 degrees than below. Wind that kicked up dirt devils across our round pen and turn outs. Not the healthiest air quality for a horse. In September, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel our Artwork Fiesta 2017 fundraiser and what was going to be our first Bwc2 poker tournament fundraiser. Two of the reasons we are $2500 short on our goal for this year.

However, despite all the adversities, the Bwc2crew had a record number of Veterans for the year. We love our Veterans! Through our alternative solutions we have been able to hear Veterans tell us they are sleeping through the night for the first time in years. They say they are able to deal with people better, driving slower and many other accomplishments too long to list.

We would like to invite anyone to the ranch that would like to see first hand how we are giving back to our military as they help us with our horses.

Bwc2’s only overhead is taking care of the horses. Although we had record rain, excessive heat, wind and threats, we still have our horses to care for.

To help us out, you can make a one time donation. We are also looking for 50 new donors who can donate $25 a month. Please forward this email to anyone who would be interested in our mission of “Pioneering Alternative Solutions for PTSD and Autism”.

Click Here, then click on “Let me choose my amount”.


Bwc2Crew Update

Bwc2 has our 4th Annual Art Work Fiesta fundraiser coming up on the 6th of November 2016.  This year it will be held at the Mint Canyon Moose Lodge located in Santa Clarita, California.

The last few weeks have been full of change for Bwc2.  We make an effort to embrace these transitional periods, because they reveal opportunities to improve our programs and our ability to serve others who are in need.

The biggest change recently was moving our non-profit organization to Alamode Ranch at 15844 Baker Canyon Road, Canyon Country, CA 91390.  Alamode was gracious enough to board our horses more than a week earlier than planned, due to the Sand Canyon Fire.  This greatly reduced the physical and emotional stress exerted on the horses and the Bwc2Crew, by limiting unnecessary travel, etc…  Now our horses are living in true comfort, where they enjoy in & out stalls equipped with fans and meals served three times a day.  We also have a wash rack with both hot and cold running water.

We are enjoying the use of a private 50’ round pen for our veterans and children’s equine programs. The stalls, wash rack and round pen are in a secluded area from the rest of the 81 acre ranch, so participants feel confident to learn at their own pace without distractions.

Currently we are offering a children’s program every Sunday morning starting at 10am. Call the number below for further information or for setting up an appointment. The Bwc2Crew has an arts and craft table sponsored by Lynch Plumbing that the kids use while waiting for their lesson or siblings can hang out.  Marque, Dakota and Buddy Wyzer are on hand for all lessons and are handsomely rewarded with lots of cookies.

Through all of the changes, we have been able to grow our Horses – N – Heroes Program.  We now have three groups of Veterans coming to the ranch every week.  This includes two men’s and one women’s group.  The Bwc2Crew chooses to utilize our freedom by showing appreciation to American Veterans through our Horses – N – Heroes program.  The Veterans help BWC2 by helping us rehabilitate and condition our horses.  The Veterans involved find more value in our Horses  -N – Heroes program than just a weekly diversion.  Through TCR Horsemanship the Veterans learn that the horses have heightened senses similar to their own. By learning to utilize those senses working with the horse in the round pen the Veteran creates a relationship between the horse and themselves.  It’s through this relationship that both the horse and the Veteran learn TRUST, CONFIDENCE & RESPECT with each other.  These traits don’t just stay in the round pen, they influence all aspects of the Veterans life and the horse’s life.  It’s through these relationships that the veterans help our horses and our horses heal our Veterans.

All of our programs have always been and will continue to be, FREE of charge.  We are grateful for every donation.  We rely on and are grateful for our volunteers and all of our donors.

Dave Drulias at 818-640-7952


Thank you,