What Makes Us….Us?

The connection Bwc2 has discovered between Horses, Veterans and Special Needs Children

The Bwc2Crew has found a unique connection or similarity between horses and our American Veterans returning home with PTSD. We have also found another connection that exists between horses and children with autism or cerebral palsy.

Having this unique understanding of the horse is the cornerstone to our success. The tools and techniques of TCR Horsemanship is the foundation.

Learn more about these unique connections by visiting our Horses -N- Heroes or Children’s Programs pages.

Talking about Bwc2 to people we first meet, we always hear, “you’re just like this other equine therapy place I know of.” Our reply is always the same, “No! We’re not”…chuckle, chuckle. Bwc2 is the only 501(c)3 non-profit Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility that does the following:

  • Believes it’s responsibility is to make a difference in the communities in which it operates
  • TCR Horsemanship is exclusive to Bwc2
  • TCR Horsemanship is taught to our American Veterans  for FREE.
  • American Veterans play an intricate role in the horse’s rehabilitation process.
  • American Veterans are welcome to participate as much as they want.
  • Rehabilitated horses are utilized in our Children’s Program.
  • Horseback riding lessons are offered for FREE to all Special Needs & Disabled children.
  • Special Needs & Disabled children are welcome to ride as much as they want.
  • Horseback riding lessons offered to the general public for a modest fee
  • As Bwc2 grows and needs to hire a staff, who better to hire than an American Veteran who has already gone through our TCR Horsemanship Program.

We have often heard feedback from people that it’s a bad idea to give our services away for free. No one will take BWC2 seriously. Our reply to them is this…

“There is no greater reward or joy we can give than a gift that is priceless” – Dave Drulias